Inter-Dimensional Translator. Author. Poet. Futurist.

Why measure the past, with what we have learned today. You are going back with a ruling stick of our evolutionary times of today, to back in our ever growing stages. Like a centipede moves it’s many legs in one motion, all moving components plays it part in our seed of life.

Royalty Free Image by Nicholas Häns

If you are looking around mainstream media, maybe even social media — depending on where you look. Things may be looking pretty bleak right about now.

Or, for a few us, we are walking through a path of a great journey.

What does it mean to travel down the worm…

I gotta tell yah, there’s way too much technology out there. And for every little thing you do.

Here’s an App for pictures. Here’s an app for editing the pictures. Another for posting the pictures. Another to find hashtags for the pictures that you post. …

Pamela Singh

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