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Pamela Singh
5 min readJun 17, 2021


No seriously, because it’s getting to a point to say where it’s just out here is getting ridiculous. And this is coming from someone who visited the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver, BC Canada where even the star projectors are saying it.

Think about us, we are floating around in this spiral, orbiting around our sun in our ‘corner’ of our Milky Way, which contains well, there are no ‘hard facts’ around this, but around 200–400 billion stars.

Let’s face it. A lot of what we know about space is outdated and I’m going to go as far to say either incorrect or unknown. Many are projections or guesses.

I learn more about space in esoteric knowledge and that of the Ancients before us, than I do from NASA’s photo shopped images. But they good though.

And lately, there’s a lot of ET Disclosure talk.

With the US Pentagon, proposing to place more information out to the public on ET disclosure, even though many leading Ufologist have mentioned ET contact with the inhabitants of Earth before, Project Blue Book, the government’s involvement in blatant ET cover up.

It’s no wonder they are scramming to get their ducks in order, otherwise, they’re kinda looking like a laughing stock of an outdated lie that has run it’s course.

And really, hasn’t it?

As I have proposed before, The ET Disclosure movement and that of UFO’s would turn the ecology of our planet in a new spiral direction.

First Free Energy Devices. Our Money based system. Do ET’s even takes printed, inflated currency?

How about trading ideas, for the betterment of humanity and our star system? Hmm…that’s a concept! In additional to the cultural and societal changes that would take place .Wow-zers! It’s going to be a BIG ONE, when that drops globally. And not just in the ET communities that are currently growing around the globe.

According to leading Ufologist Preston Dennett, 1 in 40 people have made contact with ET’s. One in Forty people. That’s a lot!

He thinks it’s a lot more than that, because well, people don’t want to say they were contacted by little green men.

Truth is, there’s not little green men. And the ET Disclosure information has been lead and directed poorly by officials since the dawn of time.

So where do we go from here? From chaos and confusion to order and light? And how luckily is that we, as humanity, turn to the government as a source of disclosure — when they were the very ones conducting the cover ups and disinformation in the first place! Jeez!

It’s like waiting for a someone who cheated to tell you the truth. And the truth is, cheaters don’t usually tell the truth. They do it because they caught.

This leads me to believe:

Is disclosure strictly a government movement or does it come from the people?

From those who have made direct contact with star beings or have an infinity with them. A keen interest in research and disclosure.

And those courageously enough to share their story of the LOGICALLY SANE NOTION — that we are NOT alone and YES, we have made contact.

I am not a fan of calling ET’s, well ET’s.

Because I’m someone else’s ET’s from another planetary system called Earth. My place of origin is: Earth.

Secondly, I’m not a fan of the term UFO or Flying Saucer. Is it really unidentified when you see it hovering before you in the sky?

Oh look, look at that flying disc thingy we don’t know what to call it so let’s call it unidentified flying disc thingy.

Let’s just call it what it really is: A SPACE-SHIP. A ‘ship’ — vehicle, that flies in space. Hovering transportation? Inter-Planetary Vehicle device. Ah heck, it’s nice calling a plane a plane, and a Spaceship a spaceship. And star beings, Star Nations (book plug in — Had 2!), beings from another planetary system and constellation.

Earthian. Saturian. Venusian. Plutonian. Martian.

Many are from different dimension and densities.

And YOU, yes YOU reading this post, are an inter-dimensional being. So that makes you…

An inter-dimensional being from another planetary system. OH SNAP! You’re one of them and you’re a threat to our planet! Seriously, this is where they are trying to take the narrative for control purposes and fear.

Any narrative that says, be afraid of these intelligent beings, whom many are benign, I would ask,why haven’t they attacked yet? Seems we are doing a lot of the war like here on Earth just fine on our own.

Or are they, as Preston stated, protected Earth — hovering around nuclear sites, because what we do here, effects them all.

Come on right, think about. I’m this super intelligent being. I fly in my Spaceship. I can time-travel. I have high tech devices.

Why haven’t they done anything yet?

Well my guess is that they’re not in it for that.

Not all of them, as stated in many esoteric knowledge, whistler blowers and what I see as well — they act via what like to call: A Code of Conduct set forth by the Federation and other inter-planetary governing bodies.

And when interference has taken place, in violation of those code by those not to kind. ‘Clean up measures’ are in place.

And if you are hesitant in the knowledge of a Galactic Federation. You can take a look at my article on former Israeli Space Security Officer that the Galactic Federation Exist.

Check out my interview with Former Minister of Defense in Canada — Hon. Paul Hellyer who was the first of the G7 countries to unequivocally state: “UFOs are as real as the planes that fly over your head.”

Did you know there a site visitation book for US officials for UFO crash sites? It gives the personnel dispatched to the site/field on a “HOW TO GUIDE,” of which species s/he will encounter.

So the person doesn’t get any surprises out of the hatch when they visit the crash site.

And how many species were in identified in this book according to Hon. Paul Hlelyer: Over 60 species!

Happy Freya Podcast Episode 14 — Hon. Paul Hellyer

I highly recommend for you to watch this interview and further educate yourself in the ET disclosure movement from those wanting the the truth to come out and for the betterment of humanity to know the truth.

We are bouncing in blue and green planet in Space, trying to figure out what’s going out in space.

There’s a lot out there.

And what matters most is when you look up to the skies, ask yourself how you fit in the grand cosmos of things, and how you can empower yourself with your cosmic alignment and intelligence to do your part here on Earth.

Once you find the answer to those questions, you become unstoppable.

With love and friendship,




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