Boost Your Spiritual Practice by Doing These 3 Simple Morning Routines

Pamela Singh
6 min readNov 6, 2021


I get asked this question A LOT.

“Pam, what’s your spiritual practice?” As in what’s my morning routine to connect with the Divine Creator.

So, I decided to split this question into 3 Easy Steps: The Wake Up Call, The Washroom, The Exercise.

Now, please don’t run away if you see the word exercise. I don’t mean go out and jog for 30 minutes, but if you want too, that’s great.

For me, I mean a different kind of exercise, as in exercising your Mind, Body and Spirit. Hence, Spiritual Practice.

So let’s start off with the easy part.

  1. The Wake Up Call!

Honestly, who does this? Use an Alarm clock to set a wake up call. Well, I used to, but not so much anymore. When you wake up, I suggest you set the INTERNAL ALARM CLOCK. Yes, it exist! And it works!

Basically, you say to yourself BEFORE YOU GO TO BED, whispering softly. Pam, wake up at 5AM tomorrow. And that’s it!

Picture an alarm clock within you, hand to chest, and say wake up at 5AM tomorrow and I swear, it works. Talk to your INNER BEING/ESSENCE.

Usually by doing this, you wake up at 5AM or just slightly before. If you FEEL better having an alarm clock by your side, ie — A phone. I suggest you put it on AIRPLANE MODE, WIFI OFF, and away from your head.

And yes, if you put your phone in Airplane mode, the alarm still goes off. So, you can use this as your ‘safety net,’ but trust me, you won’t need it. A simple battery powered clock may do by your bed side to confirm your time.

As part of the wake up routine, when your cosmic awareness settles back in your body again, after reconnecting with Source. Don’t just hustle out of bed, contrary to what many business folks say. Give thanks for being alive for another day! Creator kept you here on Earth, for a reason. If it was your time to go. You wouldn’t be reading this right now.

So this is what I mean by connecting with the eternity within you. That part of you that never dies. You’re here for another day, and how blessed are you!? Do something with your life to encourage one another. Give a smile today, it’s free! And it goes along way.

So before your feet touch the floor, say, “Thank you for another day.” And actually looking at your feet before they touch the floor helps you GROUND YOUR-SELF! Or, your ETERNAL-SELF, BACK INTO YOUR BODY.

Many people don’t want to be in their body. They want to fly around in the astral realm or detach from reality and even society. I say No. Don’t.

Connect with your magnificent body where each atom within you, is vibrating in excitement on you landing here.

2 — The Washroom.

What are you supplies? I’ll suggest my list!

  • Ayurvedic toothpaste, fluoride free. Brush your teeth and clean your nasal cavities. You can use a Neti-Pot if need be.
  • Tongue scraper (A must!) Every morning scrape your tongue and a re-mineralizing your teeth with a mouth wash.
  • Dry Body Brush (Scrub the dry, dead skin cells away.)
  • Body Massage Oil — Leave in for 20 minutes. Then wash. I do this, only 2/3 times per week as prescribed by Ayurvedic doctor. You can also do this before bed, as part of your evening relaxation treatment.
  • And the fun part, go to the Loo and clean your channels.

3 — The Exercise

I suggest doing this on an empty stomach. So your body doesn’t use your morning energy in digesting food. Eat AFTER your routine.

Now, I know people may not like this, but you have to move. Like, MOVE YOUR BODY!

We are living in a sedentary lifestyle at the moment. And honestly, it’s not good for your health being on the laptop or social media as much as we are. I know people say get out and stretch during working hours, but we must encourage more social interactions and engagements, by getting off our butts and interacting in person!

This part of the morning routine is VERY IMPORTANT. Don’t skip this. This step usually gets skipped of the three, and it should not.

Many people make excuses, with, ‘I don’t have time for this.’ And honestly, if you don’t have the hour in your day to do this, you need to change your lifestyle.

Scene from Gone with the Wind.

Frankly, if you can’t invest, 1 hour to yourself for the morning routine. Then you should audit your lifestyle. It basically means you don’t have an hour for yourself, meaning someone else, be it an organization or a person, is running your life. So seriously considering waking up earlier if need be.

Some suggestions, not all. That I recommend for the morning exercise portion of the routine are: Qigong, Yoga, or Surya Namaskar — known as Sun Salutations.

Any exercise that connects you with spirit, that incorporates MIND, BODY and SOUL practice is great for you and does wonders for your day!

Some people:

  • Chant in the mornings, back straight, posture upright. I personally say Hi to Father Sun in the mornings, I love connecting with the glowing, round orb of infinite energy to say hi, and it’s going to be a good day today (intention setting.)
  • A Qigong or Yoga practice that synchronizes breath, with your channels, with an actionable item — meaning movement! I take online Shaolin classes — where there are repetitions movements. And it’s meant to be in ORDER, to help clear the channels. The important thing here is that once the practice, becomes a HABIT — MIX it up! Because you are NO LONGER PRESENT when it becomes a habit. For example, there is one Qigong practice that my teacher uses for when you have one of ‘those’ days called, Alotment QiGong. In this exercise, you get all your, what I like to call — Uglies out. And by uglies, I mean stale air and energy, you literally shake that Qi off your body and aura.
  • Mix up your practice. NOT all at once. Then it’s too much information and too much stimulus. Build a BOND with your teacher and stop going for the ‘NEXT BEST THING which is very prevalent in society. Why? Because due to social media practices, and being bombarded with too much information — TMI, you have a fear of missing out — FOMO. This actually causes anxiety and stress, when you keep moving the goal post. There is no goal post, you’re going inner, not outer. You already won the makeshift race! But Pam! How will I learn new things? Dude, Bruce Lee studies one type of kick, 10,000 times! Not 10,000 things at once! So STOP DOING the 10,000 things! Join a club, be a part of a community, with like minded people, join a supportive environment and LEVEL UP in your PRACTICE OF CHOICE. Period.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Bruce Lee, the man needs no introduction.

Now, you’re officially DONE your MORNING ROUTINE.

Make sure you eat healthy and right, according to your constitution. Some people have a light breakfast, or prepare the day before with a light yogurt or pudding to start. I make ladoo, little bites of energy balls or a tea in the morning with some rose jam.

Now, was that so bad?

Imagine following this self care practice everyday, and how different your interactions will be at work and at home.

You’re a completely changed person. More steady. More centered. More focused. And like a willow tree, you are unwavering in the wind.

SO, go build your tool-box with these resources I linked above. I don’t get paid for the links, I just love these teachers and highly recommend them.

This list of what to practice is by no means exhaustive. Everyone has, his/her own niche or preference and they change from time to time.

I’m merely demonstrating the structure in which you a-lot your weapon of choice to kick start your day.

Now go have a fun day today!

With unwavering Love,



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