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Breaking Down Dichotomy to Enter into the Age of Multiplicity

Now, what does mean?

Well lately, I’ve been noticing that people don’t fit into a box or one label. Haven’t you?

We try to use one label after the next to typecast people. Even on my podcast, Happy Freya, I was noticing more and more with special guests, okay…what can I put as your ‘title’ or what you do. And it doesn’t fit. The one label.

Honestly, if you look back in the ‘olden’ days, inventors, adventurous and explorers were all one person following his or her own passion in life. Or poet, musician, and space adventuror. It’s not just ONE thing anymore. And I feel many people find it tiresome to say you do just one thing. We are many.

We are evolving, evolutionary beings.

We want progression, change. It’s the only constant.

Gone are the days when your great grandparents worked a job or career of a position for thirty to forty years or until retirement.

Now we have people navigating positions left, right and center with a five year retention rate. And then they leave.

Times are changin’.

But the thing is this, Bob or Patty do not want to do one job anymore.

The skillset of the workplace is an ever changing, dynamic place that needs to learn how to adapt to change.

More and more people are finding corporations trying desperately hard to keep their employees in place and not lose them to recruiting agencies or the highest bidder so to speak.

I believe the future will be ‘rotating positions,’ meaning to change your discipline every 5–10–20 years, and move people from a 3–5 year rotation.


Because it helps us to see through the eyes of other departments. Other point of views. It provides understanding.

I don’t think specialist will be replaced. I do believe, however, specialist will be created by this approach because now people can discover what it is they actually want to do, with hands on experience instead of studying through a text book only.

It’s kind of like when I was doing my practicum at Uni — why wait until the 3rd or graduating year to apply. Do it right off the bat! Universities should provide that or do your research first by at least applying to paid positions, because practicums don’t pay you.

Many people wait until graduation to get work in the ‘real world’ and then end up either hating what they received their major in, which by they invested endless student loans in and countless hours crying by a test book next to a latte they can’t afford. And time, you don’t get back unless you have a time machine!

But I digress.

I believe skills, trades and services can be cross learned.

People will be more attentive at work because they are learning something new. It helps the brain develop new neurological pathways. And keeps you on your toes.

Maybe during your 10–20 year round or rotation. You’ll re-discover which position you would like to explore more in depth. Give more focus too.

And mentorship programs will be big for hands on learning. Especially skills and trades like carpentry, electrical, farming, and so forth.

The tech age will be more AI related but I feel we are re-learning how to start from scratch again so we are ready to take on those big computer roles with a solid foundation of values, integrity. And not the gong show we have today with big tech companies trampling over their customers — ie ‘customer data.’

But I digress again. So that has been my latest discovery.

We each have things we love and…we can cross apply those things into other areas or avenues. And by cross training, it gets us out of our little silos/containers so we can see from another point of view. Diversify our work portfolio. And EQ will be the foundation of the new workforce.

Whole brain thinking: Right x Left Brain. Connect the two spheres. Take your art and turn it into architecture. Or, vice versa.

It’s neither one or other. But both.

You don’t have to pick a side.


Soon this…

Will turn into this…

And we will re-discover what they call … God again. I.E — infinite intelligence and unconditional love to you all.



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