And it’s as simple as touching the Earth. Seriously.


One of the exercise I downloaded from my guides that I use often before I start my day is the following.

It’s inspired by traditional Indian dancers before me and those who currently keep up this ritual. A dancer who grooms herself before she is ready to perform on stage.

She touches the stage before she dances. A warrior before battle. An elder or someone you have respect for as you touch their feet.

This stage here is what I like to call — Earth. The greatest masterful stage of all.

So invest 5 minutes of your day and do the following.

Find a place where there is actual grass. If you don’t have a front yard because maybe you’re located in a condo building or somewhere where there is plenty of concrete. Go walk, drive or transit to some place where there is grass or go barefoot on concrete! Whichever you please just as long as it’s quiet. Hence mornings or maybe during your lunch break!

A park usually works nicely

To escape out in nature and set forth your intention for a f**king fantastic day.

Here are the Steps for Grounding Meditation:

Step 1 — Take your shoes & socks off.

Step 2 — Enter a prayer like pose with both hands pressed firmly yet gently against one another and against your chest — over the centre of your heart. Center your consciousness there for a bit — I would say, for a moment of a smile.

Step 3 — Touch the grass. Stretch out your body a bit here. Then lay your hand firmly on the grass. All 5 fingers and thank the Earth for her support and grounding. Thank her for being here for you. For her resources that nourish our bodies. The infinite playground she has created for you and all beings here.

Step 4 — Step onto the Earth barefoot. Feel that sensation. Feel the cold or wetness of the grass. Take in a deep breath of fresh air. Feel the air enter through your nostrils and expand into your lungs. Is someone watching you while you do this as they walk by? Cool! Smile and wave hi! Nice!

Then touch the grass with your fingers once more and stand up. Shoulders down, open your chest cavity and like a superhero pose, stand tall and proud.

This is not the standing pose but it’s totally badassery! lol

Then kiss your fingers — your thumb pressed against your lips and keep kindness on your lips. Know that whatever it is you need to say, or have to say, you have the courage to say it without worrying about offending anyone or worrying about what other people think. As what you say comes from a place of compassion, understanding and decisiveness in the direction you are wanting to go.

Step 5 — Bring your hands to your forehead/third eye. That you may see whatever is that you need to see and have clarity in your thoughts throughout the day.

Step 6 — Draw your hands over your heart centre and draw your consciousness there with the infinite intelligence that is contained in your heart.

And that’s it!

Now doesn’t that feel amazing!

The short version of this is: Touch the ground. Then touch your forehead and lips. And do a little dance

In a traditional story of the Buddha, when he attained enlightenment somebody asked him, “How do we know that you are enlightened?” He said, “Earth is my witness.” He touched the Earth with his hands which is known as the Earth touching mudra. That is the same concept as holding your seat in the saddle. You are completely grounded in reality. Someone may say, “How do I know you are not overreacting to a situations?” You can say simply, “My posture in the saddle speaks for itself.” — excerpt from, The Sacred Path of the Shambhala Warrior — Chögyam Trungpa

Now go have an amazing day today!


Pam I Am



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