Life Coach vs Vibrational Alignment Coach: Which one is for YOU?!

Pamela Singh
6 min readAug 17, 2015


Life Coach.

Something we hear often. Also, Business Coach, Business and Executive Coaching, Results Coach, Nutritional Coach, Transformational Coach, Relationship Coach.

The Coaching industry is growing. FAST! In fact, almost everywhere you go you may run into one! With so much supply, it is important to find the right fit for you.

I am here to help you find YOUR COACH!

Nicky Tanase says it beautifully, “Every successful high performer, athlete, and every successful CEO, has a common denominator — his or her own Personal Coach.”

This is NOT just a wicked nice quote, IT IS A FACT! The numbers don’t lie; a Coach stands tall alongside his or her client from all industries.

If you have made the decision to get one or are thinking of getting one, (and btw don’t think, just make a decision and do it!) then you have come to the right place.

So, what’s next? What do you look for in a coach? How do you know which one is right for you? This is very easy to establish. Keep in mind this is for YOU, and anyone’s opinion, other than your intuition, is truly irrelevant.


  • YOU MUST LIKE YOUR COACH! You MUST GET ALONG WITH YOUR COACH. YOU MUST ADORE YOUR COACH. Why? Because people don’t like working with someone they dislike. PERIOD. RAPPORT is EVERYTHING.
  • The ONE you have resonance with the MOST is the right coach for you. Someone whose philosophy speaks to you. Or perhaps you are intrigued and you find yourself drawn to know more about their area of expertise and themselves. Someone who you believe can ‘take you’ where you want to go. Whatever specific industry you are wanting to grow in, get that coach tailored to that industry.

GET READY TO START! You must be fully ready, present, and excited to coach! Maybe a bit nervous for some, but that’s okay because it means you care.

So, what is a Life Coach?

Here is a general definition according to Google. A life coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

What is a Vibrational Alignment Coach?

Google didn’t have a definition nor could I find one. There is talk about Vibration, and there is talk about Alignment but there is no “Vibrational Alignment Coach” in there anywhere. This is HISTORIC. We are going to carve out a new path and announce — The Vibrational Alignment Coaches. Yes, I added another layer of ooey, gooey, goodness. Why? Because as a humanity we are expanding our consciousness at warp speed and so in order to be on that leading edge, we must get in Vibrational Alignment with who we really are.

So! A Vibrational Alignment Coach is a person who re-awakens your infinite master within for we are all eternal beings.

Here’s the scoreboard and stats on each. CHOOSE YOURS WISELY.

RED DOOR? Vibrational Alignment Coach or BLUE DOOR? Life Coach.

These are general statements below, maybe some overlap, they are not etched in stone:


  • Mostly based on principles of energy, vibration, frequency, metaphysics, clairvoyance, law of attraction, human biology at an infinite intelligence cellular level to vibration
  • You are all knowing, you are the universe, you are an extension of infinite intelligence, no outer certification from a body of people defining their own requirements is required. You tap into the universal stream within
  • Helping the client ‘re-align’ with his or her energies. Based on inspiration = “in-spirit action” — tap within
  • Client is a perfect reflection of the Universe. Client has a problem which is really just misalignment. Raise Vibration to have client tap into universal stream of consciousness
  • A belief is only a thought you keep thinking. A new belief eradicates the old belief.
  • Creation is in the ALLOWING. You ask and create the atmosphere to allow synchronicities in your life. Based on Law of Attraction.
  • You create the vibrational atmosphere and the results find you. Action comes from inspired action, impulses and high vibrational frequency.
  • WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU WILL SEE IT AND NOT BEFORE. BELIEVEING IS SEEING. Your thoughts, emotions, and internal guidance system helps you create your reality. You create your reality.
  • ALIGNMENT TRUMPS EVERYTHING. Once you are in vibrational alignment the pathway is revealed to you on what you need to do and your next steps.
  • The basis of life is made up of vibration. Everything is vibration.
  • Well Being is the basis of life. Well Being is your natural state. Dis-ease is disallowing ease and allowance. It is a vibration thought that is in discord with your inner being.


  • Mostly based on principles of psychology, biology, NLP — Neuro-Linguistic programming, philosophy
  • Usually some type of certification required, course training, education
  • Based on motivation, pushing the client to achieve a goal(s)/objective(s) going from outside to within
  • Client is coming with a problem, needing to be fixed, in order to get to next level
  • High performer, doing A,B,C,D to get results and change habits and routines
  • Clients has negative belief pattern — changing old belief patterns to create new ones
  • Creation is in the HOW and not the ALLOWING. One must work hard in order to achieve results
  • Action based — do the action to get the results
  • Everything is Results driven. SEEING IS BELIEVING.
  • Well being is eating healthy, doing things that other high performers do in order to get similar results or feel good

Yes, there are a lot of coaches out there and each and every one of them is making a difference in the life of someone. I look at it not as competition, or who’s better and who’s offering what? The reality is that there is as much coaching variety as there are people on the planet so I am in utter appreciation of every coach’s unique expression and I want to thank each and every one of them for helping me ignite my own Clarity on who I am being and how I want to show up. I want to also acknowledge and celebrate everyone who is playing in this realm because each and every one of us is simply aspiring to make the world a better place. By championing one person at a time, together we are a body of committed citizens of the world truly changing lives of one another to all live more ignited, purposefully, and therefore continuing the movement of freedom and joy all resulting in growth.

I know of an excellent world-renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor. He provides herbal teas to help people with dis-ease from all over the world and sets them on the path to health. He uses herbal medicine to heal and re-align people. His name is Dr. Wayne Zhao.

I personally know of a chiropractor whom famous sports athletes see. He takes x-rays; measures you. Then places you on an alignment bed. He is meticulous. He is detailed. One time he looked like he was going to karate chop someone’s neck but stopped less than inches away from her skin. He stops. Then breathes deeply. Places his hand in a specific direction and posture as if he was beaming energy into this persons body. The postural alignment happens. They feel better. He doesn’t even touch you. He helps to re-align people. His name is Dr. John Davis.

Why am I telling you all this? We are all energy. We are all vibration. People come and see us from all over the world. We literally change lives one person at a time. We show A LOT of results with their business, relationships, confidence, and universal laws. We re-align people. We practice vibrational alignment from a high frequency. Our names are Nicky Tanase and Pam Q.

Co-Authored by Nicky T and Pam Q ☺

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