Love Is the Drug

Pamela Singh
6 min readSep 7, 2018

As a former criminologist, I was initially thinking of titling this, Why Love Feels like Crack Cocaine

And then I dug a little deeper and found out…No, for real. It does feel like crack cocaine! With out the cocaine of course!

And here’s how:

Basically the research shows that falling in love feels like a drug addition. But what I feel is that it is what that person makes you feel about yourself.

Your true core. Your essence. Your eternal beingness.

Your pure euphoric state!

Your body is basically lit on fire when you fall in love!

And I do mean, at times, it literally gets hot and steamy.

And when you’re in love, it feels like a spiritual revolution happening in all areas of your life — Your Mind, Your Body, and Your Soul. And remember, sometimes revolutions aren’t pretty. Sometimes they turn things upside down and right side up. And that’s okay! Because you’re just re-organizing yourself to be more of you! And remember, you can’t have a revolution with out the word LOVE hidden in there

It’s just brings about a bit of change.

So, what literally happens to your body when this takes place?

Oxytocin is released! Specifically in the pituitary gland of your brain starting with the hypothalamus. Where Hippos are made LOL

Oh gawd, seriously. I had to do that?! Why are you still reading this? You’re secretly enjoying it aren’t you. Go on…

The pituitary gland is the area of your brain where dimensions open! DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), dopamine and serotonin are naturally released in your brain, and this opens you up to other dimensions, other portals of your fine self. Maybe that’s why many creative people feel frisky at night or around 2 to 3AM when it’s released! Now imagine when you have a love who inspires this creativity within you! Talk about overdose!

Hence…psychedelic experience without the drugs? Just a love drug though, no prescription needed.

Anyway, this oxytocin hormone is released when say two people snuggle up to one another or bond socially. It’s also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ or ‘love hormone.’ That’s a whole lotta’ hormones ladies and gents! Are you ready for more?! Well hell. Let’s do this!

Dopamine and norepinephrine, where you at?!

Come join the party!!!!

Dopamine acts as the ‘reinforcer,’ where dopamine will want to reinforce your bliss moment. Therefore, dopamine acts as a reward circuit < — get it, circuit? As if your body is an electromagnetic sacred geometric circuitry firing off and blasting this blue etheric energy throughout your body. Triggering new emotions, new memories, over-writinging old paradigms by creating new ones with your partner!!!!! How crazy is that! But I digress.

Anyway, dopamine is responsible for the euphoric high or the cocaine experience during a romantic relationship. It is the precursor for the next drug of choice → Norepinephrine. These should literally be gangster names. I feel like they should.

Norepinephrine is the drug of choice that makes your heart race when you see that special someone. The sweaty palms. The flushed skin. It’s very much similar to adrenaline. Dopamine just basically sets the field up to make sure the good feels are in place, bases are loaded, while Norepinephrine pumps the blood through your body and oxygenates you with these physical stimulants.

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and well known Researcher of Love, says Dopamine and Norepinephrine work together and release only when a special cocktail of love and certain conditions are met. How cool is that! So different combinations trigger and release these happy hormones! Because well, you feel happy god damnit! And why shouldn’t you! You deserve it!

I like to call this combo she refers to: Your Head, Your Heart, Your Body Combo. And Spirit leads!

So your basically asking yourself:

Head: Do I match wits with this person? Can we carry on a stimulating conversation? Are we head to head here? If so..

Heart: Does this person tug on my heart strings? Do I feel safe with her? Do I feel a deep connection with her beyond the surface level connection? Yes! Moving on…

Body: Do I have an undeniable physical chemistry with this person because my juices are running wild uncontrollably? You do! Well right on!

Soul: Do I feel some sort of cosmic connection with this person meaning, do I feel good in my essence? Do I vibrate within? You do! Well damn! Go celebrate!

If you meet this checklist. You can relate it to the different relationships.

For example, is it Lust? Usually Sex Centre Connection. This is just body connection at the moment with your lover. A bunch of hormones like Testosterone and Estrogen being released in conjunction to that connection. Purely physical.

Is it Romantic Love? A sincere and meaningful attraction and connection that releases Dopamine and Serotonin… Now you are activating all four here: Mind, Heart, Body and Soul. I would like to say way more than that! But just read on Tantric Sex, if you want to start getting more into it.

Then there is Long Term Love. This is where that certain someone gets under your skin, seduces the dusty corners of your heart, AND provides you with a mental connection. That is when you’ll know true intimacy. <–Thanks M.J. Abraham for that! In this kind of love you release oxytocin. It is a bonding hormone or what psychologists like to call an attachment drug. Or what the spiritual community calls a connection or agreement made on the spiritual plane prior to coming to Earth

Researchers say the drug being released in a stable, long term relationship where people reportedly experience a warm comfortable feeling of safety and security, experience a deep and meaningful connection with someone. This is the point where the cocaine in your body now transforms into morphine. Ahhhhh…. morphine. This is the stuff where I personally witnessed, beyond all the arguing and screaming. Where you just lay in bed at the end of the day, and just…not be mad. Because you forehead kiss your person and cuddle goodnight while you plot and scheme your next adventure

Anyway, I believe what researchers focus way too much on is just the ‘chemical, biological reaction’ of what happens when we fall in love.

Because let’s be honest. What exactly is this ‘chemical concoction’ caused by falling in love? What’s the secret blend or mixture?

Why…it’s caused by the FEELINGS of course!

YASSSS!! FEELINGS! I got that feeling, honey.

Now we’re tapping into your heart’s code!

So, it’s not about a bunch of chemicals being released in your body! No, far from that! This blog was never really about that was it?

It was about a deep and meaningful connection with someone! The spark, the ignite, the flame. The…

  • Way she brushes your hair with her fingers
  • How you smile at one another, even when you’re mad
  • How she sends you stupid pun jokes
  • Pillow talk for hours on end!
  • Feeling energized just hearing the sound of their voice!
  • How even when you’re mad, she sends you lists of things she appreciates about you anyway
  • She seduces the faculties of your mind
  • She penetrates every corner of your heart
  • And so much more!

All of this, THIS! Because the chemical martini was triggered by emotions and feelings of what we like to call…LOVE.

And isn’t that pretty magical?

I’d like to think so.

Or maybe I’m one of the few believers still out there…naaah!

So what really was the drug all along in this post?


Love was the drug all along.

Bliss out my friends,

Hugs and XO,

With Cosmic Love,