Space Inc. — Is the future of space exploration going private?

Pamela Singh
9 min readFeb 10, 2021


I have to ask the obvious question.

Is the future of space exploration going private? And secondly, should it?

Does space exploration belong to the few, now technocrats, leading the way with smart cities backed by a few policy makers in government with no backbone and/or bought over by lobbyist to feed the initiate of a few? That doesn’t sound like a very holistic system to me of data hoarding, data trading few.

So today, let’s dive into those questions, more of an exploratory phase than a direct answers to challenges that our society as a whole faces, in relation to jobs, economy, environment and social impacts.

With companies like Lockeed Martin Inc going in competition with Tesla Inc — SpaceX. which honestly, the recently flight by Space X didn’t turn out so right. But could that be, because are we ready as a human species to act and go as one? Or be parted as we are today, leaving a ‘mess’ behind. Let’s get our ducks in order here people, otherwise you float the problem(s) elsewhere.

From Jeff Bezos, who recently stepped down from CEO of Amazon— now remaining as Executive Chair one might ask, what’s going on here not only with Jeff but with the record high partings in 2020 and well counting with Jeff, the record high reports of CEO’s stepping down all the way from Disney, Ford, to countless others leaving their posts should have everyone asking, what’s really going on here?

I get it, 2020 heading into 2021 has been a rough year. With drastic changes a foot and abroad and well over the globe, it’s hard to keep touch with all the shifting changes and moving components taking place. And why? Which is the most important question that will be revealed in due time I believe. By some benevolent powers to be, because none of this really makes sense and it’s quite the guessing game. Isn’t it? No one really knows why and we can all pitch our articles as to why we believe it’s going a certain way.

I don’t know what, speaking specifically here about the US and N. American in general, as tech companies such as Netflix, Face-bot, and Apple are now opening HQ here in Vancouver, BC. And their factories overseas to make the products, specifically China for Apple — Foxconn.

I question, where are we going here? And how would you like to participate in change taking place in your backyard? And what’s happening on a global scale? Is this sustainable?

We have A LOT of digital impacts on our everyday lives. From exercise machines to grocery shopping on your fridge list. Our communication has gone digital.

And then there’s the big INC’s creating iParks!

Like, look at Apple’s 5 Billion dollar residence.

Then there’s Google’s residence:

And of course, Microsoft, Face-bot and well the list goes on. These companies are becoming the ‘regulatory’ body hidden in company guidelines, that dictate your speech online — censorship but not their action in how they do business.

They are becoming their own off grid, tech cities.

For Google and Apple for example, you can work, play, and eat there. They have their own Chefs, their own lodges. Everything is taken care of for you…and I do mean, everything.

Hmm…sounds familiar.

Excerpt from Movie Wall-E, by Disney.

Now, I consider myself a tech geek. Not too techie that I know the specs and bull shit like that. But techie as in I apprecaite technology and that it can ASSIST humanity in our GROWTH. Not OVERCOME us to the point where we become drowned in it. Especially if our values and how we operate are at disarray, then how we do business will be as well. And on a larger scaled due to the magnitude of growth these companies are facing. And with each other.

When we become too tech reliant we miss out on our mind’s capacity and body’s unique expressions. We give it away for tech to figure out. Our problem solving skills are related to a calculator which well, is based on Vedic Mathematics. Again, sacred geometry and prime numbers are what’s coded in our data encryption. But they never tell you that.

Many of the technology and encryption codes we have todays is a mis-use of ancient information given to us by our ancestors.

During the Tesla —native name →Никола Тесла, Einstein, Galilei and Da Vinci ages of pre-tech, more was discovered of our natural world through the observation of observing nature. Our natural world order, our inner harmonics. Now we have tech that provides discord to our nature — i.e headaches, arthritis, and sitting at a laptop for more than 7 hours a day. But don’t worry, we got your covered because you’re fed and we take care of you.

But of course, many inventors works were backed by businessman of their days. Edison had Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone.

One thing to note is this — what was the motives of the businessmen?

A — To make money and have a good ROI? OR,

B — To build things that help assist Earth, see it as a sentient living being of which we are in a living eco-system and assist humanity in our growth.

Now do you see why those are two totally different motives? And your motives and intentions will drive your actions. Remember that.

The investors want to invent! The businessman wants to and needs to, well make money.

So where do we go from here?

We have the challenge of people giving their powers away to larger than life companies who bathe, feed and provide accommodation to their employees to work for them.

And as the company grows larger. The INC’s make the executive decisions of things like, trade agreements, how we go into space on their terms and well, with their products. Some might say, well they hold the risk to run the company so those who risk, reap the rewards. But is this how we do it? At the expense of our planet when we can develop bigger and far more efficient ways of being here on Earth, before we travel among the stars?

We also have the GOV — the government. A regulatory body that should be for the people but well, as we can see in today’s society many are not and are bought by these trade agreements overseers, bankrupting their local economy. Many people do not or are fed up by their local government in general. From secrecy to space technology to not being forthright in how and where they spend the people’s money.

So what’s next?

How do we create the New Earth in which people can be truly free once all this corruption has hashed aside. And I don’t mean idealistically but how does this look in everyday, practical terms as well.

Can we have a citizen lead — leadership team? With no outside by-out or interference. Holding an audit on committee members because well we don’t do that with our current government officials. And you can’t fire a PM for doing a shitty job, you have to look for loopholes even though you know many of their accounts are full of other people’s interest.

It’s the funding that is getting to us because it takes money to build the infrastructure, to pay people for their time and work commitment, and/or can we change this structure towards a new future for ourselves?

Will we see more consultancy rather than employees? People who work on project outcomes versus time commitments on an old punch clock system. I believe it’s up to us to design our own lives the way we want it to be, to build towards a better future.

And how do we create a system in which we can build that future we want, run and lead by the people and yes, elected members held by the people.

Can we progress this way to make a change?

Is this the direction we want to go in or do we want these vicious, and yes, many of these CEO’s are down right boarderline sociopaths. And I’ll tell you why.

They trained one another. Zuckerberg was close with Jobs and Mr Microsoft — Gates. It’s a small club. Silicon Valley inbreeds like crazy and I tell you what, that is what I see an outsider to be their downfall. It’s their wolfish competitive nature to bankrupt ‘the other team’ mentality and the old Monopoly game principles we were taught as kids — if you don’t bankrupt your players and collect all their money — you don’t win.

Competition will kill the old system. The new system is Co-operation.

And what do I mean by that?

The decentralization of power from an elite few to be returned back to the people. The mom and pops shops, the farming legacy passed down to the next generations, people creating from their homes and selling their goods and services.

Can we work together with the INCs? Well yes, but for now, only on their terms and contracts. And they end up buying companies out — ie Bill Gates is now the largest farm land owner on Earth. Weird right?

We have BioHackers like Josiah Zayner, who previously worked for NASA and left on his own, who started his own company called The Odin.

His cause is basically knowledge and information about advanced biology which he believes, anybody can learn and it doesn’t have to be a speciality nor do you need a degree for it, but everything from research paper articles can be published on a blog. Not something you pay to get published onto an academia journal where Professors are inching to get tenure and justify their career positions.

Also, he created how to bio-engineer kits to educate yourself. He experiments on himself and so, his body, his choice. And if others feel the same about their bodies. A cure doesn’t have to come big Pharma ‘owning and selling’ and turning it into a business. Even though they have the funding for research and equipment to move faster, further.

Again, it comes down to money, equipment, funding and time.

Josiah works for himself now, out of his office in Texas as he makes his move out of California.

Check out his site below if you’re curious about Bio-Hacking and/or Bio-engineering from humans to plants.

Or if you want to have fun with kits and educate yourself about science stuff again— by not being afraid of it, returning back to a place where it was fun and you can learn something along the way. He even shows you how to setup your own bio-hacking lab/office! I don’t get paid for any of this by the way, I’m sharing people who I connect with thus far.

As you can see, times are changing. And rapidly fast.

People are returning back to the land, to their communities. Building their communities where they would rather refer their Uncle Bob then Jon of Elite Inc. And this will turn over a new bio-structure for humanity to connect to — but will it last?

Here we have Sole Food Farms — straight up urban farming that is starting to heal the Planet and heal each other.

Image via their website — Sold Food Farm

Again, helping the community grow, eat well, be nourished. This is straight up street farming as they say: “Street Farm is the inspirational account of residents in the notorious Low Track in Vancouver, BC — one of the worst urban slum in N. America — who joined together to create an urban farm as a means of addressing the chronic problems in their neighbourhood. It’s a way to heal land, the food, and the people.”

Relationships are strong. Bonds are strong. This is starting to create a crack in the system and hatching up new ideas for locals here and abroad.

And so when we build our bonds that have been broken, we start to build in a relational way again.

There are organizations like Young Agrarians matching people with land. Or co-op farmers market. CSA boxes, farm to door. Again it involves a lot of co-ordination and CO-OPERATION and labour as well. But people are building strong communities and that’s hard to break.

The Google, Apple, and Face-bot above well you see their large 5 billion dollar communities. But here’s the thing, many of those workers get head hunted and traded or move to different companies based on a price tag, not on a social bond. Tech is trying to artificially re-create a social bond, or do their best organically through an algorithm. But those that play together, stay together. And I do mean, in person. Not so much virtually.

Makes me wonder, will we mix our futuristic ways with being grounded and rooted to giving back to Mother Earth? Will we hybridize the two systems? City versus rural living.

Things are evolving very quickly. Let’s hope that our values, how we treat one another, and our dependency on ourselves and our neighbours — will lead the way to returning back home.



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