Too Much Tech — 2021

Pamela Singh
4 min readJan 13, 2021


I gotta tell yah, there’s way too much technology out there. And for every little thing you do.

Here’s an App for pictures. Here’s an app for editing the pictures. Another for posting the pictures. Another to find hashtags for the pictures that you post. And this to stream, this to talk, this to message and this to post or blog about.

When does it end?!

I was recently watching a high tech supermarket visit from one of my favourite V-Loggers I watch. I think vending machines are Japan are hypnotic and did you know, there’s an APP for that too!

No, it’s usually coin payment but whatever.

Anyway, honestly I was like, neat. Cool, okay.

Giving it a chance and then I thought how this efficient? Or tech?

The shopper/client has to create another source — a phone to place individual orders. And instead of talking to someone saying, “Hi I would like to order A, B, and C.” They have to order the items and add ons, process it. Send it to delivery. Maybe a robot creates the order. And there’s no human interaction.

So, no inter-personal skills or reading faces. Or saying have a nice day.

I get it, we sometimes want our downtime but like this?!

And I do love robots by the way. I had one as a kid. Well, sister did but I got to play with it LOL

Back to the story.

I find if it’s too much tech, it’s actually more laboursome.

Companies are creating more steps to get things done when it could be done with a conversation. Let alone, what happens with up keeping? To fix the robotics, does it really save time and labour? Things go down, what about a power outage? Can we not count with cash anymore? Where are we going to next?

And in addition to that, we have BIG TECH. Well monopolies now really. And it’s a tech application for your daily life but it builds and builds and we are becoming too tech reliant. Our online businesses rely on it.

It’s like, how long do you go for your daily walk or run? And yet again, a watch app for that to measure your heartbeat and for friends to stay in touch while you go for a walk.

How about meet up with friends?

How about cook?

Oh no, let’s deliver your food for you and we will ship you the ingredients and tell you how to cook through our recipe list.

Heck, don’t get me wrong. I am using tech to communicate with you right now. There is telepathy, which I have written about already.

But let’s just say, almost every corner you turn. You have tech greeting you and all I’m asking is — is that too much? YES! And where can you cut it down, save time and get back to bare basics.

I think some vital things to know for our near future is:

  • Where does our food come from?
  • How is it grown?
  • What type of soil does it grow out of?

Did you know they are trying to patent seeds! Like food seeds and trade water as a commodity! Like, how do you trade water and patent a seed currency?!

Dr Vandana Shiva is on the fight to protect seeds, biodiversity and clean water. It is our birthright!

Also important:

  • How is energy made?
  • Working with your hands like construction or wood working.
  • Maybe starting your own creative business and learning to go to market

Gosh even our business now a-days, it’s like:

  • Get the copyright — IP property
  • Do you have a server/hosting
  • Remember to subscribe
  • Upload a post or video! Don’t forget — you need ‘new’ content daily like wait, do you?! Oh yes, it helps the algorithm! Well maybe it’s time to change that algorithm.

I tell yah, my momma always said, Pam don’t sit too close to the TV and step away from TV time.

I’m noticing people heading off grid. Out of the bigger cities. Getting reconnected back to the land and nature.

From fresh water streams to hiking trails. Doing what they can reconnect with nature and humanity as a whole.

TV and cell phones cannot replace that. And sure you can take a picture of it but you and I know, it’s not the same thing.

So like with anything else.

I highly recommend, getting back to doing things in person. Meeting in person. And using your creativity be it art, or writing with a fancy pen, drawing, sketching, knitting! Cooking classes, meditation — that’s a MUST! Do whatever it is to get back to you and stay grounded during these challenging times.

Oh and leave the phone at home for once if you don’t already.

You never know what magic brings on journeys unplanned for —

Not all those who wander are lost — The Hobbit.

Love always,




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