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Walking Towards a Better Future

Pamela Singh
9 min readJan 28, 2021


If you are looking around mainstream media, maybe even social media — depending on where you look. Things may be looking pretty bleak right about now.

Or, for a few us, we are walking through a path of a great journey.

What does it mean to travel down the worm hole?

It means, taking a Sirius look at who we are as a civilization and keeping an eye on a target, what direction are we moving towards?

Not all us will end up there.

And by there I mean, whatever reality it is you choose for yourself and the vibratory state in which you growing into.

I have written about Densities and Dimensions before if you like to take a dive into the world of Science - really Science ‘fiction.’

Why do I say fiction? Because there is no such things as facts. There are however, universal laws like gravity (for Earth.) Everything else was man-made by man-kind in order to control or restrict human behaviour via heavy regulatory bodies who find a means to justify their existence and positions. Usually not, civilian lead organizations.

No matter how well intentioned these bodies are — take for example law. Based on a criminal institutional penal system of punishing the flesh and bone, through cell treatment behind bars and isolation, based on the model of the ‘purification’ of the soul in order to make mends for the person’s ill deeds.

Primal? Yes, perhaps.

But it is something society believed or still believes to be true at that time. The human evolutionary process is growing, but in what direction?

Remember, prisons — in this example, are ‘private’ institutions. Meaning, there is money to be made off prisoners and profits. And staffing, property management, lawyers, etc.

But I digress.

I’m going to take you further down the worm hole to the other side. And what does that other side look like?

Well in order to travel from one platform to another, the worm hole has a channel. A tunnel.

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I would like to share with you a personal story of mine…It goes a little something like this.

I was laying in bed, taking a nap, like any grown ass adult would.

Then, as I lay, somewhere between the place of deep sleep and awake. I came across a white light. Now, I have A LOT of inter-dimensional experiences and many of this will be explained in an upcoming book. But for now. Let’s awake in the dream shall we?

I lay there and saw white light. Yes, a white light and no I was not dying although this is the thought that many of us may have. Oh no, I’m going to die, what’s on the ‘other side.’

My ex at the time (now very good friend of mine) was in the other room so I was like, ah what the hell. I feel safe, let’s go ‘to the other side.’

And so, I did.

I travelled through the white light, which felt, tingling amazing by the way. Weightlessness, and freeing. And I felt like I was projecting my consciousness there “in this other space,” as I didn’t take my body with me — this takes much directional focus by the way. To look at a point or dot and say, I’m going to project or travel my consciousness there.

Then I travelled through what felt like a worm hole. A tunnel or tube of existence. It made a focusing sound for me, like all the air and noise in the room was being vacuumed into a tunnel. And then, I popped onto the other side. Another plateau of existence.

And what was the other plateau like you ask or ‘other side?’

Well, it was here, of course! Meaning, back in my bedroom. And I woke up in a gulped breath and looked around and everything there ‘felt’ the same but I knew it was a completely different reality and I left the other one behind.

Everything was still there, bed, partner, apartment, dog, etc. But I knew one thing changed, me. And it felt like a different probability I existed in.

Now, some people might go through that experience and be like, whoa! Way off the charts! But for me, it was subtle. Granted initally I felt a little weirded out that I had arrived somewhere else, but in retrospect, I’m good now. These things take time to adjust to.

A subtle knowing that I have friends in ‘high places,’ called Spirit Guides or multi-dimensional friends of which, who I am as well. I knew I was alright.

It’s very important to have a strong sense of knowing and autonomy throughout all this. A strong, steady foundation. Otherwise, you may feel pulled in multiple directions and well, may quite lose your identity.

Again, this wasn’t something I was practicing in bed or calling forth to experience in my life, it just happened.

And I am naturally curious and have a playful mind, so my guides know this, and so, we dove further down the probabilty hole and landed up, the other side. There is no direction in space, so saying up and down is really a linear way of thinking but due to linguisitical limitations, we’ll stick with it for now. Okay?

I also want to note, when you travel down the rabbit hole in life. You’re going to see things that you’re not going to like.

The old sayings of, “The truth shall set you free.” And, “You can’t handle the truth,” are well. True.

Now some of you might ask, well Pam. If reality is so malleable, which it is, how can there be ultimate truths?

And I would reply. Seeing truth as it really is — is in your reality. What people call, spiritual awakening isn’t always that pretty, of baking bread and cutting flowers all day.

We are going through a co-creative, collective experience. Each node within the spider’s web plays an integral role in the whole.

You are that node of, ‘I AM.’ You are important. You are powerful. You are a mini co-creator made from creation itself! Remember that.

One of the greatest books I recommend reading is:

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth by Buckminster Fuller.

Get the original version if you can.

I hear a lot of people give cheer and praise for his futuristic style of work but none of them quote his actual work as a whole. By work I mean, have you read his books?

And not just the fun stuff that sets forth a new future. Readers tend to totally ignore the writings where you go through the worm hole and make it out alive. Meaning, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This is where he calls out the educational system, the ‘space pirates,’ where trade agreements really came from, and the ever hungry greed found on spaceship Earth by a few ‘self indulged, self proclaimed,’ sovereign few — and many want to turn a blind to his writings on this matter.

Well, how do you plan to make it through the worm hole, when you can’t see the truth for what it is? When you’re being played?

Once you know you’re being played by a player, you can’t be played anymore. Then it becomes a choice how you engage in the future with this individual or organization.

When you know the game is rigged and you can finally move onto to CREATE A-New being, with the magnificent creator that you are, your OWN micro-macro biological system here on Earth. Then you can change the system.

Close the board game called Monopoly and move towards a more co-operative, creative approach.

Many people are waking up to this, they are waking up to being creative beings that do not necessarily involve a high, technocratic, surveillance state, where everything from our educational system to how we work is highly governed and regulated by an omni-present body of highly ‘educated’ experts in academia-landia, who went into a system, where ‘experts’ had to justify their career positions to teach and work by publishing papers that made them more of an expert feed into the same self sustaining system. Crazy huh?

Not saying this way of being is flawed. I’m saying it’s not for everyone and this self containing system of ‘experts’ certainly doesn’t contain all the answers. Especially when it’s due to funding by space pirates that created these educational system in the first play.

To create ‘specialist’ and experts upon experts, to carry on their agendas and work duties. Which is, the system we have today that is falling apart. IMHO.

Find out who those space pirates are by reading Bucky’s book.

Is it right that your future is set by an omni-present few who knows ‘what’s best for you?’

If that was okay in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this galactic mess would we?

We would have things like full disclosure or free energy as we speak! But you can’t make money off that, can you. When you’re empowered beings. Because then you would live longer and be healthier.

The economy based solely on a monetary prison run by a few would cease to exist with free energy and transparency of information for the educational purposes of humanity and the longevity and happiness of human growth.

Now, where do we go from here?

We build. We build and build until we can better and better with a few committed citizens daring to dream for a better future not set by the ‘dream-imposters,’ who are imposing their wishes of how the dreamer’s should dream.

One step at a time.

Speaking of time.

The seasons of Earth have their own time. 4 Seasons. 12 months in a year. 60 seconds in a minute. 24 hours in a day, split by 12 AM/12PM time. The Earth spirals around the sun for 365 days a year, but the other planets are on their own spiral of timelines (think Kepler, who by the way, was an inventor pre-internet days. I wonder where he received his astronomy ideas from? Hmmm….)

So, if you travelled to Venus which takes 224.7 days around the sun, then does that mean Venusians are ahead in years from Earth because they’re year is shorter? And it takes us longer, because we have more days? See how strange time is, strange how we used to look at it? Where did this system come from? Perhaps, that question leaves some clues of our discovery.

And here we are, trading time for money.

Money which doesn’t exist, it’s a shared agreement that we use a money system and say it has value. In conjunction with a time which doesn’t exist. Imposed by clocks to tick our hours in exchange for money. Not performance, time. Unless you are a consultant than you could trade performance for monetary value.

The indigenous people’s all over the world knew of time differently. Through seasons and moon cycles. And planetary influence and confluence.

What new systems are to evolve are up to your calling and what kind of future do you want to build. What type of community do you want to live in?

If you are interested in free energy talks I highly recommend you read — When Stars Look Down, by George Van Tassel. Again, get the ORIGINAL copy please.

I do question some of his insights as I hope you do as well. Even here.

George Tassel was a private pilot and aircraft engineer for Douglas Aircraft, Hughes Aircraft and Lockheed Martin.

His insights will literally blow you away, granted he does put religious context into alien/UFO contact as well.

I too, believe that the ‘gods’ that visited Earth before us are merely benevolent beings from space and inter-dimensional time travel, who care about the ‘up-bringing’ of Earth and it’s growth so to speak.

So if you’re into that, go read his book now please. It will change your life.

And on that note, Peace!

ET - End Transmission.

Love always,