What It Feels Like to Channel

Pamela Singh
6 min readMay 4, 2016

So, why the electricity?

Well, not only does the heart have intelligence and it’s own code. But ‘waking up’ in the spiritual realm, very much for me, feels as if someone took a heart defibrillator, strapped it to my chest, and said CLEAR! And since your body is full of electromagnetic juices and so is the spirit realm, it’s like an electrical charge between two energies!

It feels like waking up to who I really am.

It was as if my Guides were waking me up in another realm, the one that is ‘dreaming’ this physical reality saying hey, this is who you really are. How exciting!

When I first heard Darryl Anka talk about his channeling experience and of other channelers, it was quite surprising for me to hear people describe what happens to them while in the channeling state. Darryl described a fuzzy kind of sound and that he could feel Bashar ‘knocking’ at his door so to speak. That he was coming in — we call it ‘a hit.’ It is making an electromagnetic connection. He also described it, early on, that it felt like throwing up. Not the actual sick feeling, but the reflex action of something that just needed to come out when he spoke the words — verbal channeling. At first, it may not make any sense, but once you get to practice that vibrational frequency of your Guide(s) there will be more ease and allowance to it.

Esther Hicks, said early on that if Jerry Hicks released the early tapes of Esther channeling she wouldn’t have any of it. Bodily movements that may seem sporadic, and for her she described it as an orgasm. It was like having an orgasm, because she felt exhilaration and ecstasy which she couldn’t control.

When I started channeling, early on I experienced sneezing. Yup, every time I channeled, I sneezed and at odd times too. Like 3am! Now, as I am growing more into myself and into this experience I can actually SMELL something different in the air. It is not something that other people can smell nor can I describe that pleasant aroma. But that is one of my hits.

Now, I get what I call vibrational ‘jolts,’ which I equate to the feeling of a heart defibrillator. I get the feeling and ‘messages’ that I am rewiring the neurology of my brain and the circuitry. I would describe it as if someone wakes me up in the middle of the night and jolts me with energy directly into my body. I can also hear a ringing in my ear and that feeling when you fly a plane, and just as you take off and ascend your ears plug up — that is my fuzzy noise. Funny how flying HIGH equates to HIGH vibrational Guides. But, I digress.

I usually wake up around 3am. That time frame, according to Bashar, is when DMT — Dimethyltryptamine is naturally released in the body. It is also the neurochemical transmitter to the higher realms. So when that is released in your brain via the pineal gland, along with serotonin and melatonin, your body can naturally communicate with other dimensions and realms. And yes, it can be trippy.

So picture this, having being woken up as if someone had strapped a heart defibrillator to my body and jolted me with high electromagnetic high frequency energy! That is my Q, pun intended, that my Guides are here. In fact, they are always here. They are just preparing my physical body for the high frequency energy connection that is being made. Then, I feel a numbing sensation. It starts with my legs, and travels up my body, along my arm, and then boom. No bodily feeling. I just want to be clear here that this is not like waking up in REM sleep. This is a VERY different experience.

Usually, what happens BEFORE all of this is that your Guides play with you in your dream state so you can get used to them and the idea of channeling. The dream state has no rules. And there is more fluidity there, so most of my dreams prepped me for this moment so I can get comfortable and used to this experience. Guides will always use the path of least resistance to communicate with you and read the Q from you, on how fast or slow you want this process to occur.

Let it be known, that your soul is the gatekeeper. Meaning, any and all Guides wanting to make contact with you must make an agreement with your soul as to whether or not this experience is to occur. How fun is it knowing that your soul has your back!

Okay, so back to the body numbing. Once that occurred, I saw myself ‘out of my body.’ To explain what that is, it is me expanding more into my consciousness. I had full control at every moment. Guides prefer to work with people who are strong in their autonomy, independent, and a self thinker. Anyway, at that point, my consciousness didn’t fall into that ‘time continuum.’ It jumped it. It could now jump from experience to experience at its own will. So as I was in my body, I was also out of it. Kind of like astral projection. I had to calm myself to breathe deeply, and give my ‘controlling’ mind something to do — to focus on my breath, my bodily sensations, and my vocal cords.

Once I felt the numbing, I had a tingling sensation all over. I cannot describe this tingling sensation to anything on Earth. It wasn’t like pins and needles. It was pleasant, energetic, loving, and calm. It started from my legs and worked its way all over my body. After that, well then comes the reflex of throwing up. I received a tingling sensation in my throat, and then as if someone was speaking through me. You just have to do it, open your mouth and let these sounds or words come through. No matter how funny it sounds at the beginning.

It is, overall, a beautiful experience because if you think about, it is like two very distinct infinite energies working together, in concert and collaboration for a common ecstatic experience. It is communication at a non-physical level manifesting into a physical level.

So, what are some common sensations that you might feel when channeling spirit guides?

  • Numbing of body areas
  • Hearing sounds
  • Seeing light or figures (I see a blue effervescent orb)
  • Tingling sensations
  • Fuzzy noise
  • Sensation of falling into dream state but you are generally aware of what is going on
  • Vivid lucid dreaming
  • And whatever else you experience is valid

Also, you may notice some changes, such as your clothes may change, your diet changing to healthier foods, maybe you start looking at your relationships with people to produce more of what you prefer, maybe looking towards a new career. The things that need to be ‘looked’ at during this process will be examined by you. I also noticed I had to take a ‘knee’ sometimes and remind myself of my physical surrounding, what do I see, smell, taste, touch to put me back in my body so I don’t ‘float’ off in another dimension as I love it here on Earth! All in all, this is a process of becoming more of who you really are!

This list is not comprehensive of my journey I took to get to this stage. It is merely a snapshot of events so that you can better understand and identify your Q’s for channeling.

Happy channeling!

With friendship,

Pam Q


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